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PO Box 1961 

Longview, TX 75606

T  /  903-806-3338         F  /  903-757-3906

Event Bookings:

Cole 903-806-3338

Cigar Orders:

Travis 903-235-7799

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Meet The Owners          Travis & Cadie Pyeatt         Cole & Kendall Tomberlain


The Story of The Smoking Aces Mobile Cigar Lounge

trailer demo 1.jpg

Like most great business ideas, ours started with a glass of bourbon and a cigar. We decided that the food truck boom has been great, but we would love to see a truck pull up with a little AC on these hot Summer days and offer us a place to kick back and relax. We figured a mobile cigar lounge in an old Airstream would do just that! 

We decided pretty much every event could benefit from adding a mobile cigar lounge to the mix. So we decided we were going to be the guys to make that happen. After months of searching for the right set up, we found a 1974 Airstream Land Yacht with our name on it! We spent countless hours demoing this trailer down to the bones. Then we found the best in the business to help us build it back as the perfect oasis! 

We designed our trailer with all of the details we wanted to enjoy while lighting up a cigar. From phone chargers to TV's we are able to bring all of the comforts of a bar to your backyard! Heck we will probably spend just as much time using this trailer for our own tailgates and parties as any of our guest, so we wanted to make it top of the line! Book us today and check it out for yourself.

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