Without the barrel, there is no bourbon. So what is to be the fate of such a noble capsule? To be tossed aside? Thrown away? We believe that our barrels deserve to be immortalized and respected for their hard work. Each one of a kind stave bowl is handcrafted from our 15-year bourbon barrel staves by local artisan Jason Cohen. This versatile piece works great as a functional serving dish or simply a work of art.

Due to the nature of this product being handmade from individual pieces of the barrel there are slight variations in every bowl. The bowls are roughly 7 to 9 inches wide and 35 inches long and weighs approximately 7 pounds. We consider the variation in the product to be a sign of craftsmanship and authenticity as no two bowls are alike. Like most fine things, each piece is meant to be individually celebrated for its unique design and style.

Bourbon Barrel Stave Bowl